Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Battling the Bats....and other difficulties

We finally moved into the farmhouse! But of course ther are some problems......

There is a bat that lives in our house. It poops from the same rafter every night, in the same spot of one of the bedrooms. The first night we moved into our house we were scared to sleep in that room because we were told that it could make us sick, or more likely would suck our blood. So we sleep in the living room.

We were told to tie a red shirt to the spot where it shits and to surround the house with garlic because bats are scared of red and cant stand garlic. I thought maybe vampire and bat mythologies were getting mixed up, but we had to do something. It worked....sorta. The bat got confused at least. Instead of its favorite spot, the bat pooped on my bag. But I think that our psychological warfare is going to win in the end, altough you can still hear it batting it wings against the window when it gets trapped.

The other day we ran out of water. We had to jog our memory from physics classes about fluid dynamics, sipehns, and water pressure. Its hareder than we thought to rely on spring water for everything in the height of the dry season. We have to be extra mindfull on how we use it. And its DIRTY. We have to treat it to drink it. Eventually we are going to need a water filtration system.

We have no furniture. Flor and William gave us a bench which is awesome. But we have no table or any other seats. We just use our matresses that sit in our living room because we are still scared of the bat. Today we are going to start building furninture. We will have pictures up soon.


Anyways, Brendan is heading back to the States this weekend. Then I (Eliot) will be here all alone. We should have some pictures up when Brendan gets back.

Pura vida
Eliot and Brendan


Anonymous said...

Well, I recently received an e-mail from Yuliya telling of her travels down there in central america and it lead me to your site. Sounds like your project is off to a good start! Kudos to your courage, patience and idealist mentality. I am currently working for a magazine in Orange County that close to 1 million people read, so I will try to get you guys some free press which could result in some donations ... a formal press release (a short document descibing who you are and what you and your contact info) would really help your chances ... so e-mail me something when you get a chance ... so good luck,PURA VIDA, and take it easy on the Imperial.

Finca Project said...

Wow, word travels fast.

That sound awesome, how long should the description be? Should it say more than just our mission statment? What is the magazine so i have an idea of who the target audience is?

Thanks alot,
We really appreciate it


Aly Sanguily said...

wow eliot! i really enjoyed reading about everything, it sounds pretty exciting and challenging. Thats crazy that you have a bat!
Hope your doing well and happy
take care